Friday, December 6, 2013

Oliver is Six!

Almost a month late, I am finally posting about Oliver's birthday! Last month, Oliver turned six. His birthday was on a Thursday, and he brought cupcakes to school that day. He had his party the following Saturday at the park. He chose to have a "Minion" party based on the little yellow characters from the Despicable Me movies. Luckily the weather was nice and the party went well!

Birthday Morning

Oliver got lots of Legos!

Oliver with a few of his friends at his party

Minion Cake
Minion Cupcakes

 Oliver has had a great sixth year! He started kindergarten and is beginning to read. He loves school and his teacher. He learned to whistle and snap his fingers (very important!) and is taking violin at school. He played t-ball in the fall and enjoyed it. Both boys have also been taking swimming lessons. He loves to color, write, and draw, play with Legos, climb trees, and play with his brother. He is rambunctious and silly, but also very sensitive. He is a fun kid to be around!

Here is Oliver's birthday interview video:

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Becca said...

Excellent interview (and very serious! ;) and I'm proud to have been featured in the form of the ringing phone towards the end. Have a great year being 6, Oliver!

Love from Grandma Becca and Laif