Sunday, August 4, 2013

Evanston Trip

School starts on Monday and I never shared our summer trip! If I don't get these pictures up here now, I might never do it! The boys and I had a wonderful visit back home for two weeks this summer. We did so much and took so many pictures, it's hard to distill it down to one post, but I'm going to try.

We had a fun visit to Todd and Jeanine's house where we got to meet baby Nina for the first time!
Meeting Cousin Nina!

Cousins! Henry, Nina, Oliver, and Emmett

Lucy and Dave

Todd and Jeanine

Zach and Nina

The boys had a lot of fun playing in Grandma Becca's yard!

Laif had a scaffold up that he let the boys play on. So fun!

A Tiny Game of Chess

Cleaning the Gutters

Enjoying the View

Washing the Car

Hard at work. (Those are "work shirts" they're wearing. :)

We walked to the cemetery on my Grandma Jane's birthday to leave some flowers (daisies--her favorite) on her grave.

We had a few opportunities to see some friends!

With Nola and Holden at the park

Feeding the Ducks

Not pictured: Jenny and Jill!

We met up with some other friends at the Shedd Aquarium

We had a nice dinner with Melissa

We did lots of bike riding to parks and playgrounds.

On the Fourth of July, we went to the parade and watched fireworks.

And we had lots of other relaxing fun times, as well!

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Becca said...

Excellent boiling down of our fun visit! Thanks for posting (and thanks for coming :)