Monday, June 3, 2013

Start of Summer 2013

Here are a few (or more than a few) pictures of our summer so far!

While I was still working, Matt took the boys on some outings. 
Here is Oliver at Ocmulgee:

A Broad-Headed Skink

Turtles on a Log

And here, the boys went to "Roosevelt's Little White House," in Warm Springs, GA.

Then we went to Tybee Island for a day.

And we stopped at Fort Pulaski before heading home.

Back at home we went for a bike ride in the country.

The boys and I went strawberry picking at Elliott Farms with some good friends.

Oliver and Elijah

Ruthie, Henry, and Athena

Everyone thought the rooster wanted to play...
until he bit Henry's leg!

Everyone took refuge from the rooster on the porch.
 Then some swimming fun!

Henry got to do some more swimming at his Red Sox end of the season party. One of the other parents took this one.

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Becca said...

Hurray for summer fun!