Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012!

I'm finally trying to get caught up on organizing our pictures from our trip back home for Christmas! We had a wonderful time visiting with family over the holidays. Though we didn't take as many pictures as usual this year, there were still so many! Here are some of the highlights:

My mom had our room all ready for us when we arrived!
(Not Pictured: Henry's Bed)
The day after we arrived in town, we got to go see Todd, Jeanine, and Emmett in their new house. It was so nice to see them and all of the other family that gathered for brunch.

There was snow on the ground by Todd and Jeanine's (and there wasn't in Evanston),
so we stopped to let the boys play for a few minutes.

Emmett and Todd
You can't really tell i n this picture, but Jeanine will be having a baby girl any day now!
Emmett has Legos, too!
The cousins took a little break from playing to pose for a  photo.

The next day was Christmas Eve!

We spent the day at Matt's parents house and visited with them and with Aunt Betty and Dianne.

Oliver helped Grandma make the dressing.
Henry and Aunt Betty

Henry and Grandpa Jennings

Henry and Dianne

Then we headed back to my mom's for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.

My mom made these cute little reindeer ornaments as place card holders!

Melissa and Dan

Dinner was wonderful!
And then...Christmas morning!

Santa came!

One of Henry's favorite gifts--a laptop! 
 After Henry opened his laptop (which is actually one of Matt's old laptops that we had cleaned up, but who needs to know that?), Oliver got sad and said, "how come Henry always gets devices and I don't?" I think he was lamenting the fact that he had not asked Santa for a "device." No need to worry!

Oliver's Nabi 2-- a kid friendly tablet!

After opening presents and eating breakfast, we got dressed
to head over to Matt's parents house.

It snowed on Christmas morning! A quick stop to play on the way to the car.

The cousins showed each other some of their new stuff!

Getting Ready for Christmas Dinner--Grape juice in wine glasses made it extra special!

More presents!

Aren't they cute?
With Christmas so early in the week, we had lots of time for more fun before we returned to Georgia.

The Art Institute

All Tuckered Out

Zoo Lights! (Lincoln Park Zoo)

Sledding at Lovelace

We went early in the morning and avoided the crowds.

Rosy Cheeks

Brunch with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Kathy

Wii with Owen, Lauren, and Justin

Legos with Justin

And Owen

Cutie Pies

We did not coordinate on purpose. ;)
Happy New Year, everyone!

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Becca said...

We did have fun, didn't we?! Thanks for the great post. :)