Saturday, November 17, 2012

Oliver's 5th Birthday

Oliver turned five this past Wednesday! He had a little birthday party the Saturday before his birthday. It was our turn to host the babysitter's club, so we decided to have his party then. He chose a Lego theme for his party.

Henry, Elijah, and Oliver Playing the Claw Machine

Oliver, Kendall, Cooper, Ajani, and Tiffany

Elijah, Henry, and Daniel


R.J., Jason, and Kendall


We served popcorn chicken, carrots, grapes, clementines, cheese cubes, and chips

Oliver's friends gave him some really nice presents!

On Oliver's actual birthday, we got up early so that he could open his presents from family before school. He brought mini-cupcakes to pre-K to share with his class and we went to Waffle House (his choice) for dinner.

Here is Oliver sleeping with Clyde on his last night as a four-year-old.

Birthday Morning Bedhead

Oliver posing with his gifts

Building one of the new Lego sets

And finally, here is Oliver's annual birthday interview. We started this tradition a few years ago and it is fun to be able to look back at how the boys have changed each year.

Oliver's previous birthday interviews can be found here and here .

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