Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year, Henry was Harry Potter and Oliver was a fly.

We bought the glasses and tie for Henry's costume. I sewed the robe (which was much like the Jedi robes of the past two years!) and we made the wand out of some wood-grain wrapping paper from Target's dollar spot and an old dowel rod from a little flag.

Oliver's costume was inspired by his new swimming goggles, which he really wanted to wear for Halloween. His costume was mostly made from things we had around the house.

Getting ready to trick-or-treat 

Day after candy sorting--we weighed their candy in at 10 pounds!

Here is a little walk down Halloween Memory Lane:

Henry 2005
Henry 2006
Henry 2007
Henry and Oliver 2008
Henry and Oliver 2009
Henry and Oliver 2010
Henry and Oliver 2011
We hope you had a happy Halloween!

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