Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Pictures

It's hard to believe that we are already a month and a half into the school year! We are all having good years, so far. Oliver talks a lot about what he is learning in pre-k. He loves his teacher and seems to have made friends. He seems very grown up when he tells me about what he has learned and done each day at school. Henry is enjoying second grade. He made it into chorus, so we are looking forward to seeing him sing, as well as play the violin, at the school's fine arts performances. My year is going well, too. I have a big class--28 kindergartners. So far my school has not exceeded the class-size limit for kindergarten (which is 28), so we are not able to get a new teacher to reduce class sizes. Nevertheless, I am happy at my job and am enjoying teaching. Matt is working hard as usual, teaching six classes and pursuing extra projects as well.

Here are some pictures from the past month. We've been busy since school started, but have still had time for some fun!

We went for a day trip to Tybee on Labor Day weekend.

Hanging out at home with root beer floats:

The boys wanted to have a "Family Fun Night" so they planned activities and collected money (one cent admission--great deal!).

Legos! Henry saved for a long time to buy this police station set.

Fall Ball has started!

We ended our month with a trip to the mountains for apple picking and hiking. I will post about that next!

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