Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pictures and Video-- Catch Up Post

I thought I'd just do a post to share some random pictures and videos from the last month.

Oliver's Last Day of Wee-Ball

I didn't take any pictures at Henry's last game (and he had to miss the team party), but his coach made this picture compilation of Henry's team. (Henry is in some of the practice pics at the beginning and is at 6:16, 7:30, and 7:50.) Henry's team did really well this season and ended in third place. Henry went from striking out at nearly every game to hitting more often than not. In fact, in the last game, Henry made one of the two runs for his team. He had great coaches!

Babysitter's Club was at our house in May.

Henry's Lego Display

Henry joined in with the guys at our Macon State graduation party.
Henry played a couple of songs on his violin for our guests at the graduation party. He has learned so much this year!

And here are just a few more pictures:

This is a character that Henry drew and then photographed with his ipod. Evil Weevil is an acorn weevil.

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