Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Henry ran his first 5K on Saturday with Matt. He was reportedly tired out during the race, but with encouragement, he persevered and finished in 35 minutes.

At the Starting Line

They're off! (This was Oliver's favorite part. He kept asking when that man was going to shoot the gun again!)

After the race:

See the bruise on Henry's banana? Well, he does not care for blemished fruit, so when he got close to the bruise, he offered the rest of his banana to Oliver. Oliver asked me, "does the bruise just taste like regular banana?" Then he turned the banana sideways and took a bite just of the bruise. "Yum!"

Receiving his Medal

2nd Place in the Under 13 Male Category
Henry was very pleased with himself for winning a medal. Not to rain on his parade or discount his achievement, we did talk about how it will be harder to win a medal in future races where there are more young runners. This was sure a great start, though!

Here's a video of Henry and Matt coming into the finish line: