Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Baseball season is well underway here. Oliver is playing wee-ball again this year and is again on the White Sox. Henry has moved up to c-ball, which is much like regular baseball, but the coach pitches if the batter doesn't hit the ball or strike out by the time the child pitcher pitches four times. Henry is on the Orioles.

First Game of the Season

Oliver is #11

Getting Ready for Team Pictures

Henry is the youngest player on his team (c-ball is for seven and eight-year-olds, but since Henry's birthday falls before the April 30th cutoff, he is playing while he is still six). Baseball does not come easily to him, but he has made a lot of progress. Some of the boys on his team are amazingly good, but he is lucky to have a great coach who takes him where he is and works with him.

After the first few games, Henry had yet to make contact with a ball during a game. Then, during the fourth game he hit two foul balls and finally a single! He was so proud! The parents who watch each game closely all recognized what an achievement this was for Henry and really cheered for him. After the game, the coach presented Henry with the game ball. It was a very memorable moment for Henry.

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