Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oliver's Christmas Show

On Friday, Oliver performed in his daycare center's Christmas program. Oliver was in the chorus, which sang six Christmas songs! I was pretty impressed with how well the children learned their lines and the words to the song, considering that the performers were all three and four years old.

Here is the video of the performance. I didn't have the best angle--Oliver is the third child from the left. He has the letter "R" of "Christmas" on his sweatshirt.

Here is Oliver just after the performance:

The performance was followed by a Christmas party, and Santa came!

Which reminds me that I got so carried away with Oliver's handsome-ness the other  day, I neglected to post the pictures that I took when the boys saw Santa at Bass Pro Shop. So, here they are:

Finally, here are two videos of Oliver practicing his singing at home:

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