Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oliver's Party

We asked Oliver if he would like to have a party for his fourth birthday or if he would like to spend the night in a hotel in Atlanta. He picked the hotel, but still seemed a little sad about the idea of not having a party. This month was our turn to host the babysitter's club, so we decided to have a little celebration for Oliver's birthday with the kids who were coming over anyway. It was a fun, low-key party.

Since wasn't a "real" party, I didn't frost the sides of the cake. ;)

4-years old! (well, almost!)

Cooper and Kendall



R.J. and Katelyn



Costumes make everything more fun!

As do funny glasses!

Dinner Time - pizza, broccoli, fruit, and chips

3.5 Minutes of Quiet (Movie Time)

Make a wish!

Oliver got wonderful presents from his friends. He loves them all!

What fun! and his birthday is still a week away!

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