Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Evanston Trip - June 2011

It has taken me a while to get my act together to post these pictures! Henry, Oliver, and I had a very fun and relaxing trip to Evanston in June. We stayed for about ten days and were able to do a lot and see many family members while we were there.

Preparing for the Trip

We drove all day on June 10th and arrived in the evening. Our first weekend was cool and rainy, but we still had fun going to the park and playing with my mom and Laif and the boys next door. We also went over to Matt's parents house for an early Father's Day celebration.

On Monday, we went to Navy Pier. Henry had been asking to go on the big Ferris wheel (which I'd never been on, either). The boys had a great time with Grandma Becca and Melissa looking at the sights of the city and the boats in Lake Michigan.



Tuesday was another exciting day, with a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo.


On Wednesday, Matt's parents took us to the Field Museum. We went through the Underground exhibit, looked at the dinosaur bones, and took a quick spin through the ancient Egypt section. It was very nice.

On Thursday and Friday, we took a break from tourist activities and hung out closer to "home" at Grandma Becca's house. We also went over to Andrew and Allyson's house for dinner where Henry and Oliver got to play with their cousins.

Justin and Oliver

On Saturday, the boys and I met up with my dad's side of the family (minus Lucy, who couldn't make it) at a park in Des Plaines for a picnic. The weather was nice and the park was nearly empty. It was a great chance to catch up!

On Sunday, our trip was drawing to a close. We got to see Melissa one last time and we relaxed with Grandma Becca and Laif.


We left early Monday morning to head back to Macon. We took an impromptu stop at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. The tour was fun, but lasted longer than I had anticipated, so we didn't get back home until nearly midnight!

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