Sunday, February 6, 2011

We're still here!

I just realized how long it has been since I posted, so I decided it was time for an update. My January 2011 pictures folder on my computer is not very full--I guess we haven't done too much that was photo-worthy in a while! Here's what I have:

The boys have started taking Taekwondo. They seem to be enjoying it most of the time, though Oliver sometimes gets a little overwhelmed by the fast pace and loud volume of the class. We are not sure how long we will continue, as T-ball will also be starting soon, and we don't want to be scheduled too many nights a week!

We haven't taken any photos or videos in class yet, but I've been meaning to...

We hosted the Babysitters Club in January. Everyone had a great time. It is so much easier now that the children are so used to it and are all a little older.

Dr. Kaitlyn was our on-site medic for the evening.

We went to Daniel's house for a play date last weekend. The boys had fun doing some carpentry together.

Here's a tower we built this morning with the blocks Grandpa Jim and Grandma Kathy gave to Oliver for Christmas:

Ruthie and Peggy were back in town for the day, so we all met up at Burger King for lunch.

(Too bad I forgot about the camera until several people had left!)

We are all doing fine here. Henry is doing well at school and has become such a great reader. He is very into Star Wars lately and he and Oliver play with their action figures every day. They have been getting along really well (knock on wood) and love to just be at home playing. Oliver is very into puzzles. He will work on puzzles for a long time without getting frustrated and prefers to do them on his own. His teacher told me that he often chooses to do puzzles during playtime at daycare, as well.

We have had a cold winter this year (for Georgia, at least) and are really looking forward to warmer temperatures so we can get outside. Last week it rained and rained (which I guess is better than the feet of snow that so many parts of the country got!), so we have not been outside much at all.

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