Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We finally got around to making Valentines today. So, needless to say, don't expect a card from the boys in your mailbox tomorrow! Here is what they would have looked like if we had made them in time (these are for Henry's and Oliver's teachers).

Here are the boys getting ready to enjoy some Valentine's Day cupcakes. (Of course, I couldn't get a cute smile out of both children in the same picture!)

We decided to extend our Valentine's Day celebration over the weekend. Yesterday morning I made pink, heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast. They were really cute, but I didn't take a picture. Tonight we had this cake for dessert:

Here is a video of a little performance Henry and Oliver did for you (well, mostly Henry--Oliver clearly did not have his heart in it).

I decided to try another video of just Oliver to see if I could capture his actual cuteness. He did a little interpretive dance number. I'll keep trying to get the "real" Oliver on video. ;)

While I am waiting for this video to upload, I am going to type out a few cute things Oliver has said recently--before I forget.

Henry was looking at a picture of himself that was taken while I was pregnant with Oliver. Ollie said, "Was I there?" I answered, "No, you were still in my belly." Oliver said, with some concern, "But you didn't eat me, right Mama? Because I don't want you to eat me."

The other day I was asking Oliver about daycare and he said that they went to chapel that day. I asked him what they did in chapel and he said that they listened to a song. I asked what it was about and Oliver answered, "It was about baby Jesus and [thoughtful pause] dinosaurs that eat people!"

Last week we went to a Valentine's day party after school. Oliver (who doesn't pronounce the letter "r" very well) told me that he tried to tell his teacher that he was going to a pawty after school, but she kept asking him if he needed to go potty.


Candace said...

I love the video of Oliver, so cute! Laurel always says, "Can I see?" after I record anything too. Love the quote about not eating him. :)

savage said...

Way, way too cute. Oliver is so quotable :). And I have no idea how you have the energy to do all of this on top of your job and two kids. You're making the rest of us look bad, Susan! (well, me at least). Could you please ask the boys to stop growing so quickly so that we can see them again before they're in high school? Thanks.

Grandma Becca said...

Loved it all. Excellent Valentine material--the cards, the cupcakes, the cake--of course the love-song video was adorable too. I felt like Henry was singing right to me, almost like being there. Valentine's love to all!