Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

I am realizing that we are entering into a very busy time of year, so I thought I'd better catch up here before I fall really far behind in the next month or so!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. Henry and I had the whole week off of school and my mom came and spent it with us. We fixed Thanksgiving dinner for some friends in the area and it was really fun.

Here are the pictures from the week (there are quite a few):

Grandma Becca arrived! Laif stayed home this time, so the boys talked to him on the phone.

Oliver has learned to climb the tree. Uh oh. Sometime after this picture was taken, both boys fell out of the tree within a few minutes of each other. Luckily, nothing was broken, but we are having a temporary moratorium on tree climbing.

Oliver reading to Grandma

A Trip to Ocmulgee--the weather was beautiful!

Henry and Oliver's new friend A.J. came with us (along with his mom, Kia, my friend from work).

Oliver and A.J. deep in conversation. A little while later, Oliver leaned over a took a lick of A.J.'s sucker. :P

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner--chopping pecans (don't worry, the knife is not sharp!)

Testing the fried turkey

and here's the smoked one

Waiting for the guests to arrive

The kids table

The grown-up table

Let's eat!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like a wonderful day (and week!) filled with fun and friends. And dinner looks delicious. Glad no one was hurt falling out of that tree!