Monday, June 28, 2010


Macon has a new baseball team--the Pinetoppers. We went to their opening game on Saturday the 19th. It was a hot evening, but we had fun.

Here are the boys with the team mascot, Petey the Pinetopper:

While Matt was waiting in a very long line for snow cones and I was walking around the stadium with the boys, one of the co-owners of the team came rushing up to us and asked if Henry wouldn't mind racing the team mascot in between innings. He said he chose Henry because he was the right age and because Henry had a Cubs shirt on and the co-owner was from Chicago.

I didn't have time to get the good video camera out, so this video is not so great, but here you can watch Henry race Petey around the bases. Henry was instructed to push Petey over while he was tying his shoes. I was standing next to a group of boys who were 10 or 12 years old. You can hear them cheering (and calling Henry a cheater!).

After the game, there was a great fireworks show and then everyone was invited to run the bases.

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