Monday, June 28, 2010

First Trip to the ER

This is not one of the firsts that I was eagerly awaiting!

Last Thursday, we went for a fun day at Ruthie's lake house. Ruthie's parents had set up a cool slide on their dock and that was the first thing that Henry and Oliver wanted to do. Henry was being a great big brother and was helping Oliver swim over to the ladder after he slid into the lake. On their third or fourth slide, Henry forgot to wait for Oliver to get out of the way (and I wasn't quick enough to remind him) and he crashed right into Oliver at the bottom of the slide. Henry hit his chin on Oliver's head and split it open. Though it didn't bleed too much, it was the kind of cut that just looked like it needed to be closed up in order to heal properly.

Peggy suggested I drive him into town and ask the pharmacist at Walgreens if she thought we could close it up with butterfly bandages, so I did. The pharmacist looked at the cut and said that it definitely needed stitches, so off to the hospital we went. Though Henry was clearly anxious and scared about getting stitches (and disappointed to leave the lake house), he handled the procedure very well with only a few tears. A couple of hours and four stitches later, we rejoined Peggy, Ruthie, and Oliver at the lake house for some calm, non-wet play. Henry seems to be healing fine and will get his stitches out on Thursday.

Just before the accident:

Peggy cheered Henry up with a jet ski ride around the lake before we went inside.

Oliver loved the jet ski!

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