Monday, June 21, 2010

Evanston Trip: Part One

I am finally getting around to adding an entry about our trip back home earlier this month.

Henry, Oliver, and I headed to Evanston to visit family and to be part of a little family reunion. Matt was unable to go with us because of work, so I braved the drive without him. We drove straight through from Macon to Evanston on June 3rd, leaving at 3:30 in the morning. The drive took 17 hours, but the boys did great!

The first weekend of our trip included a wonderful opportunity to see several family members I hadn't seen in years (and some of whom had never met Henry or Oliver). My mom planned a weekend reunion including her step-mother, Sybil, who lives in Manhattan. Sybil's daughter, Erika, came from L.A. with her son, Aaron, and her friend, Steve. My mom's half-brother, Don, who lives in Boston, also came, as did my cousin, Allie, all the way from Oregon. All of us gathered with the local family (Liam, Melissa, Zach...) and had a great time!

Here are some pictures from the reunion weekend:

Here's the whole crowd (minus Laif, who took the picture.)

We celebrated Sybil's 77th birthday on Saturday, June 5th.

A trip to Gilson Park between rainstorms

Sybil reading to Henry and Oliver

Here are some more:

I will be back with pictures from the rest of our trip soon!

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