Monday, May 3, 2010

State Fair

We went to the Georgia State Fair on Friday after school. The boys had a great time!

The fair was not very crowded, which is sad because it makes me think its days are numbered here in Macon. However, it was nice that there were no lines. Henry and Oliver both loved the Frog Hopper:

Henry looked a little terrified going down this slide (though he claimed it wasn't scary).

Though Oliver looked like he might tumble out of control at any second, he never stopped smiling!

Here is Henry winning a hog race:

Oliver barely made it out of the starting gate:

Henry got to go on stage while we were watching "Nojoe's Clown Circus." He was involved in some sort of clownish toilet paper activity.

We had hoped that an evening at the fair would wear the boys out so everyone could sleep in on Saturday. Nope, they were wide awake and ready to go at 6:00. They did sleep in a little on Sunday, though--maybe it was a delayed reaction.

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