Saturday, May 22, 2010


All three of the caterpillars that made it to the chrysalis form have emerged as butterflies.

Here is the first to emerge:

It seemed eager to get out of the enclosure, so we released it as soon as it was moving around.

Preparing to release #1

We decided to release the butterfly near some flowers, thinking that it might want a nice place to land. Instead it took off at lightning speed and was higher than the tree tops in seconds. No "thanks for keeping me safe from predators from the time I was a tiny baby" or "I'll be sure to come back to visit..." I couldn't even take the picture fast enough to capture the departure.

The second butterfly to emerge seemed a little less eager to leave.

Here is the last chrysalis just before the butterfly emerged. The chrysalis became thin and you can see the markings on the butterfly right through it.

And here is the last butterfly just after it emerged from its chrysalis.

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Barbara said...

That's so cool, Susan! I bet the boys really loved that! How neat!