Sunday, April 18, 2010

Party Time!

Yesterday we had Henry's birthday party. We had a simple backyard party with a Superman theme. The weather was nice and everything went smoothly. The boys were exhausted, excited, and sticky by the evening--sure signs of a successful party!

We took a lot of pictures, as did Angel and David. Their pictures turned out really well, so I am including several of them here. Thanks, guys! :)

Here is Henry showing off the pinata.

Lots of turns later...

pinata loot!

Parachute fun!

(I actually bought this parachute to use at Henry's third birthday party, but it rained and we never ended up using it.)

Cake time!

Then presents,

and lots of fun with friends!

More pictures!

1 comment:

Barbara said...

You did such an awesome job with everything! The cake and pinata and LOVE all of their capes! How fun! I am so sad that we weren't there:( But very happy that Henry had such a great party:)
Happy birthday, Henry!