Saturday, March 13, 2010

Route 66

On our recent trip to New Mexico (which I will write about soon), we drove a little bit on historic Route 66. Henry was very excited about this because Route 66 is featured in his all-time favorite movie, Cars. If you haven't seen Cars, you can watch this scene to get an idea of the roll Route 66 plays in the movie (and yes, we did feel a little guilty for doing most of our drive on the Interstate):

Henry was thrilled with the scenery along the road and was excited when we saw this old gas station in Shamrock, Texas:

He noticed right away that it "looks like Ramone's paint shop in Cars!"

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Kate said...

"Cars" is also Gil's all-time favorite movie! Well, it is actually 1 of only 2 movies he has ever seen, but it is still his favorite. He likes to be called Lightning McQueen instead of Gil these days!