Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goodbye, Training Wheels!

Matt told Henry that once he is really good at riding his bike with no training wheels, the two of them will ride bikes to a baseball game together. (There is a baseball stadium not too far from our house.) That was all the motivation Henry needed to get rid of the training wheels. We practiced for about an hour and he did great. He still needs a little push to get him going, but other than that, all he needs is some more practice.

Here is one of his first attempts:


And here he is toward the end of the day:


And this is what Oliver was doing while I was taking that video! (You can hear him in the video. He is telling me that he wants to throw a rock in the water.)

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Barbara said...

Wow--GO HENRY!! That is awesome! What a big boy:) When I heard Ollie in the video I just KNEW he was saying, "I wanna throw rock," lol.

Yay for Henry!!!