Sunday, February 14, 2010


On Friday afternoon it began to snow here and by the morning there were a couple of inches on the ground. This was unusual and exciting for Macon! We took the boys out to play on Friday and then again on Saturday morning. On Saturday morning we also drove over to the Ocmulgee National Monument to look at the snow and go for a little walk. Today, the snow is almost completely melted, but many yards still have snowmen standing.

The only bad thing about the snow was that it was so wet and heavy that it caused our beautiful camellia tree in the front yard to collapse. Here is a picture of the tree from last year (it's to the right of the front walk):
Here's how it looked yesterday morning:
It bounced back somewhat when Matt removed the snow, but it is still not looking great. We are hoping it will recover.

Here are a few more pictures from our week:

Ruthie and Henry climbing a tree on Thursday

Last night was our turn to host the babysitting club kids. There were only seven kids this time and everyone had a fun time. Here are six out of the seven sitting still for the first of about three minutes to watch a movie.
(R.J. is missing because he was busy eating his second round of dinner!)

And here are Henry and Oliver with Athena
Last Sunday, we took the boys to the circus. There was no photography allowed during the show, so we don't have any great pictures. By the luck of the draw, we just happened to get to sit next to the Bieks, so Henry got to share the circus experience with Daniel.

Since this blog entry is already ridiculously long, I might as well add one more event from our past week. On Tuesday, Henry, Oliver, and I took all of the change from around our house (including what was in their piggy bank) and cashed it in. Then we went to the grocery store and bought food which we delivered to the local food bank. Henry helped choose food that was on sale and that was healthy. However, he also felt that it was important that we buy some cake mix and frosting in case there was a child somewhere that didn't have any cake for his birthday! He was excited about the whole process and is excited to collect some more change so we can do it again soon.

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