Sunday, February 21, 2010

Potty Time!

We have been working on potty training Oliver this week and he is doing a great job. He has been wearing big boy underpants all day when we are at home and has only been wearing diapers at night, nap, and when we are out of the house for long periods. He has even been keeping his diaper dry most of the times that I put one on him (except at night).

(Unfortunately, I accidentally had the flash off for these pictures.)

Big Boy Underpants!

Last night, when I put Ollie to bed, I said, "Good night, Baby Boy." He responded by laughing and saying, "I not a baby!"

We have been having beautiful weather this weekend. Yesterday we went to Dauset Trails with Barbara, Aiden, and Ava. Barbara took some really cute pictures. I hope she doesn't mind me posting a link to her blog here:


Becca said...

Good job, Ollie! I can see you are NOT a baby!
Grandma Becca

The Bailey Family said...

What a big boy!! He looks so flippin' cute in his undies:) He's doing so great! Maybe he'll teach Ava, lol.