Sunday, January 24, 2010

Silly Talk

Oliver has made huge strides with his language in the last couple of months. He speaks in phrases and sentences that I can understand, but many of his words are not clear to others. Here are some of my favorites of his pronunciations:
chocolate = clockly
sleeping = pleepin'
instruments = minamin
snack, sock, and stuck = tock
washcloth = clah-clah
look = luke
fruit = hoot

When I interrupt Oliver's play to tell him that it is time to go (or to clean up), he says (in a loud and indignant voice), "I payin'!" If I pretend that I am going to leave without him, he uses the same tone of voice to say, "I comin'!"

Ollie gets very excited when Daddy gets home from work and exclaims, "Daddy home!" He has started to extend this phrase to use when we have visitors ("Ava home!") or even when I come out of my bedroom after getting dressed in the morning ("Mama home!").

Another funny thing that Oliver does with his speech is to add the "ee" sound to the ends of words. For example, he calls my friend Barbara, "Bawby," and he calls a scooter a, "cootie." However, he will not pronounce the "y" at the end of Henry's name. Instead he calls him "Henya" or "Henna."

Here's a little video:


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The Bailey Family said...

His progress with his language skills really is amazing, he is talking SO much more now! I knew he would come around right when he turned 2:) Go Ollie!