Sunday, January 10, 2010

"I wanna do it!"

We have had a pretty low key week. Matt came down with a terrible virus (maybe the flu) as we were traveling back to Macon and was pretty much down for the count until he had to go back to work. He is finally feeling much better and by some miracle, the rest of us have remained healthy. (I am knocking on wood right now.)

Henry went back to school this week, but schools were closed on Friday because there was a chance of snow. (It didn't actually snow, though!) Oliver and I had a fun day with Henry at the Barnes and Noble story time and McDonald's Playland (where we stayed for nearly two hours).

Oliver has recently entered into the phase of wanting to do everything himself. When I try to dress him he tells me, "I wanna do it!" He is not very good at dressing himself, but practice makes perfect.
Something is not quite right here.

Ah! There you are, arm!

Perfect! (Except for that stretched out neck hole...)

For the past year or so, Oliver has been a great sleeper--the kind that falls asleep on his own, stays asleep all night, and wakes up cheerful and refreshed. Recently, that all came to an end. After giving up his pacifier, Oliver has developed some poor sleep habits, one of which inovolves a boycott of his bed.
He has been falling asleep in this chair instead. Tonight I had to remove the chair from his room, much to his dismay. He did fall asleep in his bed a couple of hours ago, so my fingers are crossed that we can back to those wonderful sleep habits of the past!

Just for the sake of cuteness, here are the boys with some cool bath time hair-dos.
Have a great week!


Becca said...

I love this post! Maybe low-key weeks are the best. Very funny, the clothes, sleeping in the chair, and especially the bath-dos!
Love, Grandma Becca

The Bailey Family said...

Smart thinking taking the chair out of his room!! I am glad he fell asleep in his bed, and that pic of him sleeping in the chair is just priceless:)