Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Vacation 2009-- Part 2: Holiday Fun

During our time in the Chicago area, we found many fun things to do. Grandma Becca and Matt took the boys to ride the CTA Holiday Train. This is a regular El train decorated for Christmas. In the middle of the train is a flatbed car holding Santa in his sleigh. For the regular price of an El ride, the boys got to ride for a few stations and then get out to meet Santa before riding back to their starting station.

We also went to the Winter WonderFest at Navy Pier. A fun cold-weather venue, this is an indoor Christmas themed carnival complete with bouncy houses and rides. It was a great way for Oliver and Henry to use up some energy.

While in Evanston, we got to visit with lots of family. Henry and Oliver love to get together with their cousins Owen, Lauren, and Justin. This time we also got to meet their newest cousin--my half-brother Todd and his wife Jeanine's son, Emmett. He is adorable! Grandma Becca's half-brother, Don, also came for a visit. We hadn't seen him in years, so it was great to catch up with him. Matt's Aunt Betty and Dianne came to Evanston for the holidays, too. This was in addition to the usual list of relatives that we are always excited to see when we go back home. We were lucky to be able to take one trip to see so many people!

Towards the end of our visit we went to the Museum of Chicago History with Grandma Becca, Melissa, and Don. None of us had been to this museum before and we all thought it was very nice (and an added bonus was that we went on Monday, which is the museum's free day).

We also got to meet my good friend Jill's new baby, Holden. Isn't he cute? Henry wished he could hold him for their whole visit.

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