Sunday, December 6, 2009

Goodbye Paci (and Hello Santa!)

Oliver forced us into making a decision about his pacifier use yesterday. He has been teething for the past month or more (those two year molars are taking forever to come in!) and has been chewing on his pacifiers. We just discovered yesterday that all of his pacifiers had holes in them! We had not been planning on taking the paci away until after the holidays, but we couldn't really see buying more. So, we cut the tips off of all of them to accentuate that they were broken. Oliver seemed to get that and wasn't too upset. (He looked at them kind of funny, said, "broken!" and tossed them onto the floor.) Last night went better than I expected. He went to sleep with no problem and only woke asking for his pacifier once. He didn't even cry! Today was a different story, though. He was clearly out of sorts, but didn't really seem to connect his grumpiness to his pacifier. He did not take a nap today--just couldn't get settled. Hopefully he will adjust quickly and get back to being a good napper. It is 7:10 p.m. now, and he does seem to have fallen asleep for the night. My fingers are crossed that it will be an easy night!

We have had a fun week otherwise. Our friend Lori threw a Christmas party for the kids on Thursday, which was very fun. On Saturday, we visited Santa at the Bass Pro Shop. Both boys were excited to see the big guy (who Oliver calls, "Ho Ho."). Henry told Santa that he would like a Batcave and Oliver would like a rocket ship. We also went to Home Depot where Henry took part in one of their Kids Workshops and made a wooden wagon. Then, to top off that day of fun, we went to Jason's first birthday party where the boys got to decorate sugar cookies. No wonder Oliver was tired enough to fall asleep without his pacifier that night!

What Henry and Oliver would really like for Christmas!

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