Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oliver is Two!

We have spent the weekend celebrating Oliver's second birthday. It is hard to believe that our little baby is two already!

On Friday, we had a birthday party for Ollie with 13 children and their parents. It was very fun for both boys. The party had a frog theme because one of Oliver's favorite books (In the Small, Small Pond by Denise Flemming) features a frog that Oliver loves to search for on each page. Here are some pictures from the party:

Instead of buying Oliver birthday present this year, Matt and I decided to spend our money on a fun day for the boys. On Saturday (Oliver's birthday), we checked into a local hotel with an indoor swimming pool. We took the kids swimming, ate pizza and cake in our room, and had fun sleeping all together in the same room. In the morning, we headed to Waffle House for breakfast before going back home to resume our normal lives. The hotel stay was made even more exciting for Oliver and Henry by the gift that Todd, Jeanine, and Emmett gave to Oliver. Twilight Turtle projects stars and a moon on the ceiling, making it look like the night sky.

Twilight Turtle
Here are some pictures from Oliver's special day:

A Little Bit about Oliver

Oliver loves to climb and to jump off of things. He can be very wild and rambunctious, but he also loves to hug and cuddle.

Ollie's speech is probably a little behind for his age, but he has been trying to talk a lot more lately. He loves to look at books and label the things he sees in the pictures. He also uses fairly clear words to request food items that he wants (his favorites are milk, cookie, crackers, raisins, turkey, water, and, unfortunately, candy).

Oliver has good fine motor skills. He loves to build with Duplos and to do puzzles. He has also recently discovered that he enjoys stringing beads onto pipe cleaners.

Another favorite activity of Oliver's is playing with Play-Doh. He asks for it several times a day. (You can see blue Play-Doh on his fingers in the above picture.)

Henry and Oliver are happiest playing together when they can wrestle, run, be loud, or play outside. Otherwise there is a lot of use of the word "mine!" (or in Henry's case, "Oliver, give that back right now!" followed by whining and shrieking. Hopefully this phase will pass soon!

Oliver's absolute favorite book at the moment is called Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo. It ends with a boy going to sleep with his toy train. Oliver always kisses the picture of the boy goodnight.

We are looking forward to seeing what new things Oliver will learn and do over the next few months!

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