Sunday, November 1, 2009


This has been a fun Halloween week. On Wednesday, we went to a festival at a local church filled with bouncy houses, train rides, a hay rack ride, and hot dogs. On Thursday, I took the boys to a Halloween party at their friend Tiffany's house and on Friday, Henry got to celebrate Halloween at school. Halloween itself was a busy day, too, of course. We started out the day at Michael's craft store where the boys got to do a craft and received a free treat bucket filled with goodies. They used their new buckets later in the day when we went trick-or-treating at the mall with friends Cooper, Daniel, and Jason. After the mall and a quick dinner, we headed to Daniel's neighborhood for some real trick-or-treating and then back home to pass out candy at our own house. The boys had a wonderful day and even though there was rain off and on all day long, everything worked out perfectly.

Here are Henry and Oliver in their robot costumes. They wore these on Halloween for trick-or-treating.

The robot costumes were a little too bulky for the pre-Halloween festivities, so Oliver dressed in Henry's old monkey costume for those and I sprung for a Spider-Man costume for Henry.

I'm pretty sure the Spider-Man costume was Henry's favorite part of Halloween. Here he is with his good friend Aiden, another Spider-Man fan.

Here's Henry at school with some of his costumed friends.

I didn't take too many pictures of the actual trick-or-treating, but here is one of Henry with Daniel the Fish.
Here are a few more pictures from our Halloween week. Enjoy!

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