Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Oliver recently discovered that he was able to climb into his crib. After several times of rescuing him from his crib after he climbed in, I finally caught him in the act. He boosted himself up by stepping on the bottom rail of the crib, and then tipped himself, head-first, over the edge.

We decided not to wait for him to try using that method to get out of his crib, so this weekend he moved to a twin bed.

For the most part, he is sleeping fine in his new bed. He did stall a little at nap time today, though. We had left his crib set up in the bedroom (just because we hadn't gotten around to disassembling it, yet). When I went to check on him a few minutes into his "nap" He was sitting in his crib with a pile of puzzles he had grabbed from a shelf. He was happily doing puzzles when I peeked in. I moved him to his bed and reminded him it was time to sleep and he fell asleep with no further shenanigans.

Henry loves that Oliver's new bed matches his.

Oliver napping today after the puzzle incident

Bedtime tonight


Becca said...

How cute! It all looks great, like the perfect room for brothers.

The Bailey Family said...

Yay Oliver!!!